bred for royalty
Cavalier King Charles  / Bichon Frise 
Pronounced:  KAV-a-shon
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A few of our happy Cavachon families
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Cavachon puppies are the most popular puppy in the country and loved by all who meet them. Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 says it best … “What’s not to love”?

The Cavachon puppy is a hybrid or cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. The Cavalier became popular during the 16th century, among the nobility of England and is named for King Charles II. The Bichon was popular in France during the Renaissance under Francis I (1515–47), but its popularity skyrocketed in the court of Henry III (1574–89).



Cavachon puppies are very adorable, playful and healthy  puppies with a great genetic history. They are very sturdy and very low maintenance. They are truly the perfect family puppy.

Cavachon puppies may have a soft and fluffy coat, similar to the Bichon or a sleek and satiny coat similar to the Cavalier.


They shed very little, if at all, and produce little or no dander. They are as hypoallergenic as a puppy can be, so they're great for people with allergies.

A Good Match ...
  • Single person

  • Young Couple

  • Retired Couple

  • Family with young children

  • Family with adolescent or teenage children

  • Single family home or townhouse

  • Apartment / condo living

NOT a Good Match ...
  • Anyone looking for a "purse puppy" or a puppy that does not need attention.



They are AWESOME!!! Gentle and fantastic with kids. They're very social and friendly with everyone and with other pets. Both laid back and active, Cavachons will be the “forever friend”. They love to travel and are a quick study. Cavachons, like Shichons are always a perfect family puppy! They are loved by all who meet them.

size & color

Cavachon sizes vary, depending on the genetics. They average from 14 to 25 pounds. They come in a variety of colors.



Cavachons need to be brushed weekly and they need to be clipped about 3 or 4 times a year. They shed very little so they are a good choice for families with allergies.


training & obedience

Cavachons are very smart because of the Bichon influence. They want to please you so they learn commands quickly as long as you are totally consistent. They are easy to train and want to please you. You must form a routine and stick to it so that they may follow your lead.


activity level

Cavachons want to do what you want them to do. They are happy chasing the kids around the backyard all day long or just as content curled up at your feet while you watch television or read a book. They were born to lay beside you, at your feet or on your lap. As long as they are with YOU they will be the happiest puppy dog in the world.

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