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About Us

We are in home small breeders. We live , work and worship right here in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC area. We are your neighbors, friends and co-workers. Our Cavachon and Shichon Teddy Bear puppies are born, raised, loved and adopted in our homes in Virginia. 

A collage of images of DCDogFinders Cavachon & Teddy Bear puppies and people

Our family at DCDogFinders is best known as Virginia, Maryland and DC’s first family for small breed quality puppies and as Northern Virginia’s best breeders. We are all well established, award winning in-home breeders, trainers and pet-therapy specialists who work, have family and friends and a whole world of dog lovers in our lives. We are recognized as one of the premier small dog breeders in the country.

We designed our website for busy Mom’s & Dad’s like ourselves that are looking to adopt and buy a puppy from a real breeder that has raised their puppy in a loving home with puppy parents, provided excellent social skills and take health & happiness seriously, along with some potty training and manners so that the puppy adoption process will be a wonderful experience for both the puppy and the people. 

We love and breed the best Shichon Teddy Bear (Zuchon), Cavachon and Bichon Poo puppies. All of our pups are first generation (F1) hybrids raised with their parents who are also hypo-allergenic. All sires and dams are purebred parents that are healthy, well-mannered and part of our family.


Our history is deep-rooted in healthy, happy puppies. It is our duty and an honor to be their guardians and to share our lives with them.

As licensed, responsible breeders, we follow a strict code of ethics and maintain beautiful puppy play rooms, play yards and the best of the best for our customers and pups.

Our adult dogs are not simply breeder dogs. They are our pets. They live with us, eat with us, play with us and , sometimes, even sleep with us. Dogs can have a litter every 6 months but we would never think of expecting our girls to do that. They have puppies only once every 18 months or so and after 3 or 4 litters, they retire and live the good life around the farm.

We take great care to make sure that your new puppy has vet checks with the best veterinarians and is shown the love that all the ladies & Vet Techs provide on their visit to the Puppy Doctor and Doggie Day Spa prior to your adoption appointment in our home.
Our reputation has been built on years of dedication to raising one of the best bred puppies in Virginia and beyond. We provide a comprehensive Five Year Health Warranty making our puppies among of the healthiest in the country with a written warranty. 

We don’t say we are the very best breeder  ... our customers do.

People come from all over the country to adopt our puppies. We are so proud that our puppies have gone to happy families in Virginia, Maryland and DC, as well as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Texas, California and as far away as Germany and England.

We say our customers have taught us everything we ever needed to know. We have adopted puppies to hundreds of happy families over several decades. We have been featured on MSN and Animal Planet. We also have two puppies that walk the halls of congress and a few celebrity and famous pups, too.

As proud small dog breeders of Cavachons and Shichon Teddy Bears, we encourage you to explore our website, visit our Happy Customers page, our Scrapbook and our Facebook page.

Thank you,

The families of DCDogFinders 


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