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Polite Puppies: Teaching Your Pup To Be Courteous & Well-Mannered (Part 4 of 4)

You recently read several articles on the best ways to teach your puppy to be polite and learn his manners around the house and in front of people, mentioning the use of a tether. To help you better understand what a tether is and how to best make your own, the following information will help you:

Tether Time

A tether is a simple, 4-foot length of nylon-coated cable, with sturdy swivel snap hooks on both ends. Most of the cables commercially available are intended for tying a dog outside and are a minimum of 10 feet – too long for most training purposes.

You can make your own training tether, or ask your local hardware store if they will attach the snap hooks to the ends of a 4-foot cable for you with the necessary ferrules (ferrules are the metal hardware used to hold the cable) and cramping tool.

The Basic Tether

Take a 4-foot length of 1/8 inch nylon-coated cable. Thread one end through one channel of the appropriate-size ferrule, then through the ring of a small but sturdy metal snap hook. Fold the cable back on itself, run it through the other channel of the ferrule, and crimp the ferrule on both pieces of cable to hold the end in place. Repeat with the other end. You now have a basic tether.

Tethering To Furniture

Wrap one end of the tether around the leg of a heavy piece of furniture and hook it onto itself. Attach the other end to your pup's collar. Be sure the furniture is heavy enough to prevent your pup from dragging it around, and make a comfortable place for the dog to sit or lie down with a chewie or toy to occupy it.

This is an easy and convenient application of the tether for dogs that don't tend to chew a lot. It's not appropriate for most young puppies or other dogs who are inclined to gnaw furniture legs.

Tethering To An Eye Bolt

Screw one or more eye bolts into sturdy wooden studs, beams or other locations in your home that are strong enough to hold your pup if it pulls on the tether with its full weight. Remember, it might be small now, but your pup will gain strength as it grows!

Attach one end of the tether to the eye bolt and the other to your pup's collar. This method involves a little more preparation, but is a better application for puppies and dogs that might chew. Again, be sure to provide a comfortable bed, along with chews or doggie toys to keep your pup happy.

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