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How to Adopt Your Puppy

Two little girls hugging their Cavachon puppy from DCDogFinders

As responsible and ethical breeders we strive to make your puppy adoption simple, professional, comfortable, and, most of all, fun.

We don't always have puppies for adoption but when we do, we make them available here on our website. We include their photos, bios, and movies to help you choose the ideal puppy for your family.

When the puppies are ready for adoption, you will find a box at the top of our Home page that says Available Puppies.

  • Click on that box to see the puppies

  • Reserve your perfect puppy by clicking on his or her picture, and

  • Follow a few simple steps

Once you reserve your puppy, we’ll call you to give you information about your new puppy and answer any, and all, of your questions. We will also invite you to our home for your Puppy Adoption Appointment.

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