What's the best puppy for my family?

That's very difficult for a breeder to answer. As much as we enjoy talking to our customers about their ideal puppy, we feel strongly that it is in your best interest to independently research the best breeds for your family before talking to a breeder.

Most breeders know their breed very well and prefer that type over all others - that's why they breed that type of dog. Their natural inclination is to recommend that breed as the best for you and your family.

We feel a little differently. We know it works so much better for you and the puppy if you have already decided on your ideal furry friend before you contact a reputable breeder.

Here is some information about the puppies that DCDogFinders breeds. Please note that colors, sizes, weights and characteristics are never exact and can always differ slightly from accepted norms. As with humans, puppies range in height, weight and size. When selecting your puppy be realistic and choose based on breed characteristics, look and love rather than size and weight.



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